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MugenMvvmToolkit - WinForms

This package contains the WinForms assemblies.
Mugen MVVM Toolkit makes it easier to develop cross-platform application using the Model-View-ViewModel design pattern.

The Mugen MVVM Toolkit makes extensive use of Net Standard Library to provide maintainable cross platform C# native applications.
The Mugen MVVM Toolkit provides a cross-platform MVVM development framework built on top of:
- WinForms
- Xamarin.Android
- Xamarin.iOS
- Xamarin.Forms
The MVVM framework includes the following features that differs this project from other frameworks:
- Deep integration with each platform.
- Supports state preservation and restoration for mobile platforms.
- Full Fragment support for Android, you do not need to worry about activity, fragments, sub-fragments or their state all this makes the framework.
- Solves the nested user controls problem in MVVM, all view models are dynamically created by you, using the GetViewModel method and you do not need to use the ViewModelLocator.
- Supports all kinds of navigation like modal window, page navigation, tab navigation, back stack fragment navigation for android.

You can also easily add a new kind of navigation.
- Navigation system works with view models and allows to expect the completion of the operation.


- Last update: 5/22/2017
- Version: 6.5.0
- Project documentation:
- Read more info on
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Run this command from the Package Manager Console:

Install-Package MugenMvvmToolkit.WinForms

Mugen MVVM toolkit binding WPF WinForms android windows phone WINRT cross platform ios UWP xamarin forms xamforms


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