Top 20 NuGet toolkit Packages

Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit Libraries, GPU Build
Xwt is a cross-platform UI toolkit for creating desktop applications with .NET and Mono that run on multiple platforms from the same codebase. Xwt works by exposing one unified API across all environments that is mapped to a set of native controls on each platform. The framework consists of the fr...
The goal of MahApps.Metro is to allow devs to quickly and easily cobble together a "Metro" or "Modern UI" for their WPF4+ apps, with minimal effort.
Extended WPF Toolkit is the number one collection of WPF controls, components and utilities for creating next generation Windows applications. Provides 48 controls, all offered under the Microsoft Public License for maximum freedom. v3.3.0 provides a major update of the DataGrid control as well as 3...
IconPacks for stylish awesome WPF or UWP apps.
Toolkit for Xamarin.Forms (Controls, Behaviors, and Converters)!
Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit Libraries, CPU-Only Build
A simple MVVM framework that heavily uses IL-weaving based on Fody.
AjaxControlToolkit contains a rich set of controls that you can use to build highly responsive and interactive AJAX-enabled Web applications. AjaxControlToolkit contains more than 40 controls, including the AutoComplete, CollapsiblePanel, ColorPicker, MaskedEdit, Calendar, Accordion, and Watermark c...
Cauldron Core is the core toolkit assembly that the Cauldron Toolkit builds upon
The activator is a simple and very fast dependency injection framework. It is based on attributes and does not require any configuration files for configuration. It also supports using static methods as component constructor.
Contains typical implementations for AES, RSA and RSA-AES encryptions. It also contains extensions that helps working with SecureString.
A simple localization implementation that can work with different sources.
Validation Framework for Cauldron.Win32.WPF
Behaviours and Action for Cauldron.XAML
Creating Windows Services is now a cake walk. This implementation can also handle localized service name and description.
IconPacks for stylish awesome WPF or UWP apps.
IconPacks for stylish awesome WPF or UWP apps.
IconPacks for stylish awesome WPF or UWP apps.
Cauldron.Consoles is a Cauldron.Core based parameter parser which supports grouping of parameters in execution groups. It is also supports localization and has a nice parameter table :)