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MVC Themes [1 dependencies]

Easy implementation of themes in ASP.NET MVC applications.
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Alpaca.Runtime [1 dependencies]

The Alpaca framework runtime.
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XeroApi.Validation [1 dependencies]

Client side validation methods for XeroAPI.Net **** UPDATED **** This package now depends on the new (supported) official Xero wrapper library
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ExfForm [1 dependencies]

Update: 4.11-更新IE7以下浏览器也可以自动获取CSS样式
Invalid image SDK (API v2) [1 dependencies]

A client implementation of the Box v2 REST API. API documentation can be found at
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Regular Expression Routing [1 dependencies]

Define routes using regular expressions
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MVC Bootstrap [1 dependencies]

Some of the things you always need when building a MVC application. Dependendy injection (Ninject implementation included), data access (Entity Framework implementation included) with a repository pattern, including simple role and membership providers.
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Bootstrap Validate [1 dependencies]

Enables Twitter Bootstrap Framework to work with Microsoft jQuery Unobtrusive Validation in ASP.NET MVC4 projects. - Now support for Bootstrap 3 - Dependency on Twitter.Bootstrap package is removed Source:
Jquery simple modal extension
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Sprockets [1 dependencies]

Sprockets style dependency resolver for .NET
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Deveel Zoho CRM API Client [1 dependencies]

A .NET client for interacting with Zoho CRM service
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Jason.WebAPI [1 dependencies]

Jason is an infrastructure framework to easly handle the "Command" part of CQRS on top of server technologies such as WCF and WebAPI
[DEPRECATED] Please use FSharp.Configuration instead (
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GglMap [1 dependencies]

Static Google Maps Kit – implementation for “Static Google Maps API” in C#
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FluentSharp - WPF [1 dependencies]

FluentSharp is an API that dramatically simplifies the use of .NET Framework APIs. It makes extensive use of .NET ExtensionMethods and it reduces the amount of code required (while making it more read This is the FluentSharp WPF which provides a fluent API for using/consumining WPF elements
A client-side library for .NET 4.5 that extends WebSync to provide optimizations for high network traffic scenarios. (Community Edition)
[DEPRECATED] Please use ExcelProvider instead (
DEPRECATED - Please use 'GraphProvider' instead
[ARCHIVED] Please use FSharp.Management instead (
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FSharpx.TypeProviders.Math [1 dependencies]