Top 20 NuGet owin Packages

Common library for NFinal MVC.
A full web server whose only dependency is Microsoft.Owin.Host.HttpListener. It can be used in-proc for super-easily stubbing 3rd party dependencies and validating.
Owin middleware to generate visualization of the OWIN pipeline
Owin middleware to generate analytics report
Owin middleware to document other Owin middleware
Owin middleware to catch and report exceptions
Owin middleware to serve static files
Owin middleware to map requests for the site root to a specific page on the site
Owin Framework IIdentityStore facility that stores identity information in a database using Prius ORM
Owin middleware to serve applications written in Dart
Owin middleware to compile LESS files to CSS files on the fly
Owin middleware to cache responses that are expensive to construct and don't change between requests
Owin middleware to version static assets and cache them indefinately on the browser
Owin Framework ITokenStore facility that uses the Prius ORM to store tokens
Seamlessly adds a Swagger to WebApi projects!
IdentityAdmin.EntityFramework is a persistence layer for IdentityAdmin configuration data that uses EntityFramework as it's database abstraction.
OWIN Middleware to integrate Auth0 into your ASP.NET Application.
OAuth2 validation middleware for OWIN/Katana.
OWIN middleware for doing claims transformation in OWIN/Katana applications.
Middleware for doing claims transformation in OWIN/Katana applications.