Top 20 NuGet owin Packages

Command-line compiler for DotVVM.
Dynamic Data implementation for DotVVM. DotVVM is an open source ASP.NET-based framework which allows to build modern web apps without writing any JavaScript code.
OAuth2 validation middleware for OWIN/Katana.
Command-line tools for DotVVM.
OpenID Connect extensions for the OpenID Connect server middleware.
The library provides support for integrating Owin with the Metrics.NET Library
This package contains file system abstractions and implementations.
MVC intgration package for resource/action based authorization.
Web API intgration package for resource/action based authorization.
ASP.NET Identity support for IdentityServer3
A library for extending UmbracoIdentity to integrate with IdentityServer
NFinal2 MVC framework
Seamlessly adds a Swagger to WebApi projects! Compiled for .NET 4.5 and up. This helps with mono compatability and does not require any assembly redirects.
Owin Framework IIdentityStore facility that stores identity information in a database using Prius ORM
User interface for managing groups, roles and permissions for the Owin Framework authorization middleware
Owin Framework authorization middleware allows users, groups, roles and permissions to be managed, and checks that the user making the request is authorized to do so
OWIN support for EventFlow
OWIN middleware for HTTP Basic Authentication in OWIN/Katana applications.
An implementation of HttpMessageHandler for use with HttpClient that invokes requests directly against an OWIN application. Useful for testing and embedded scenarios.
This package contains classes for issuing App Service Authentication tokens. For more information, check out