Top 20 NuGet XML Packages

Simple API for xml serialization and de-serialization to/from string, file or embedded resource.
Yet another configuration library for .NET
A .NET class library with simple helper classes for .NET development. Currently only one class: PixiSimpleConfigurationXml. Source can be found on GitHub Description is in writing on GitHub Wiki:
The best XMLHelper
Leverage DLR for dynamically creating XML structure
The module provides cmdlets for basic operations on XML in PowerShell v2.0 or newer. --- To install Xmlips, follow the Get and Install steps: ---
An Component System for XML DOM
XML Serialization Utility
XML serializer for OSIS (Open Scripture Information Standard) files
Fork of SlowCheetah with additional per-user (and configuration) transformations. For per-user transform, name your transform-file like {file}.{configuration}.{username}.{extension}. For example: App.Debug.urbanhusky.config. Per-user transformations are applied after per-configuration transformation...
一个快速创建、读取、编辑Xml文件的类XmlFile,像实体对象一样操作xml。A quickly Create/Read/Edit Xml file Class XmlFile. Operate Xml like entity object. 用法(how to use):
A Helper Class for XML parsing with XElement in C#
C#-to-JavaScript compiler interface support plugins.
This library provide an easy way to read invoices on .xml files, based on the Anexo 20 of the Servicio de Administración Tributarioa (SAT - México).
SgmlReader is a .NET library that is handy for converting SGML content (like HTML and OFX) into well formed XML via XmlReader, XmlDocument, XDocument or XPathDocument. It runs on Windows and Linux using Mono.
Optimizes your xml documentation for intellisense by stripping out internal documentation and remarks.
A group of extensions for an XmlDocument that flatten, search, traverse and perform actions on the xml nodes.
XML File Reader with various useful functionality to read all data from the XML File. It can read back elements/tags/attributes or all data.
XML extensions for fluent unit testing of ASP.NET MVC Controllers