Top 20 NuGet XAML Packages

A preprocessor hiding doc warnings from the autogenerated XamlTypeInfo class and hiding the class from intellisense.
A library for localizing WPF. Allows switching languages at run time.
Contains basic styles for WPF
Reads audio/video data from files (StorageFile, IRandomAccessStream, path), cameras and microphone (MediaCapture), MJPEG IP Cameras, and generic sources (IMediaSource). Renders video samples to XAML's SwapChainPanel and SurfaceImageSource, rotates/converts them, saves them to JPEG. Universal Store a...
Control to display GIF image in WP8.1 and Win8.1 XAML Apps
Functions for XAML game development.
Add conditional tags to your Xaml files.
XamlWatcher WPF
Multi-binding for XAML
A WPF control that dynamically renders its content from a XAML string.
Enables basic C# animation of XAML controls
Attached behaviour for selecting all text when a given text box is focused
This Package contains a extensible Map Control for WinRT (Windows 8.1 / Windows 8.1 Phone) Supported Maps: - OpenStreetMap
The Cross-platform XAML Framework
Contiene xaml extensions para renderizar iconos vectoriales de font awesome a partir del text unicode del caracter. Tomado desde:
Converts true to Visible, false to Collapsed, and null to Hidden
Simple non-bloated MVVM Framework.
Generic Pull Down to Refresh implementation for UWP.
This is a modified version of MahApps.Metro specifically for Explore10
The XAML Reporting engine is a tool, which offers reporting tools based on XAML and has the functionality to export to XPS, XLS(X), CSV and PDF.