Top 20 NuGet XAML Packages

Extension methods: DependencyObject.GetAncestors<T>() - finds all children of a specific type DependencyObject.GetParent<T>() - finds the first parent of a specific type Converters: CountToVisibilityConverter - converts the count of an enumerable property to Visibility DateTimeToDateTimeOffsetConv...
The main purpose of Curanza is to simplify the development of a UWP app for any supported platform. Today a modern app is developed using MVVM pattern, and Curanza helps you to successfully apply this pattern. Using Curanza, for example, you can bind a RelayCommand (and optionally his parameter) to ...
Set of classes for easy and powerful implementation / use of INotifyPropertyChanged and INotifyCollectionChanged based objects.
Add PullToRefresh behavior to ListView, GridView and more controls with ScrollViewer.
Universal Windows Platform Control and Utility library DEPRECATED This package is not supported anymore. All Controlls and Utilites have been moved to the official UWP Community Toolkit ( Please use it instead.
Small project for creating property grids in wpf.
Layouts is Javascript/Typescript library that allows web developers build complex UI in HTML5 using a Xaml derived markup. Github repository and help online: Tutorial: ...
For detailed use and instructions, visit
Observable Vector makes it easy to use the IObservableVector<T> interface in your Windows app. This is the non-generic version which can be used in non-.NET projects targeting the Windows Store, such as C++/CX or JavaScript. Find us on GitHub at
Attached properties for scroll-related stuff
Tunes your UWP titlebar and statusbar.
Small lib for making use of WPF's grid less painful.
A really tiny class framework that helps binding ICommand objects from DataContext to class members in XAML in the form of invisible FrameworkElement objects. The view remains loosely-bound to the ViewModel in MVVM projects.
Convenience attached properties for WPF's Grid.
Awesome highlighting add-on for WPF TextBlock
WPF for JavaScript
NB! This package is deprecated, use LiveXAML instead LiveXAML allows for live UI reload in Xamarin Forms applications. This package is a runtime dependency, you also need to install Visual Studio extension.
A flip view that works on Win7. Handles mouse & touch.
Linq operators on ObservableCollection