Top 20 NuGet Windows Presentation Foundation Packages

A library to aid in writing unit tests for ReactiveUI projects
Xamarin.Forms.Maps Renderer for WPF
MvvmCross is the .NET MVVM framework for cross-platform solutions, including Xamarin iOS, Xamarin Android, Xamarin Forms, Windows and Mac. This package contains the 'MvvmCross.Platforms.Wpf' libraries for MvvmCross
A small, yet powerful framework designed for Xaml platforms, Caliburn.Micro implements a variety of UI patterns for solving real-world problems. Patterns that are highlighted include MVVM (Presentation Model), MVP and MVC.
ResourceDictionary instances containing standard Google Material Design swatches, for inclusion in a XAML application.
Fancy toast notification for WPF applications easy to use and support MVVM pattern. A small notification window with image, title and content displayed at the bottom of the screen. You can use the default implementation or build your own custom notification.Notifications added to a buffer queue then...
Supports the creation of CSLA. NET applications for WPF that use Caliburn.Micro v.2 MVVM framework. CSLA .NET is an application development framework that reduces the cost of building and maintaining applications. The framework enables developers to build an object-oriented business layer for their...
Emoji support for WPF applications
Modern UI Framework to build professional desktop application using WPF. Originally developed for Hummingbird Project.
WPF based GUI Library for CubeSoft applications.
A library to aid in writing unit tests for ReactiveUI projects
Implements a Window theming control for Dirkster.MLib but can also be used with other theming libraries since there are no technical dependencies to MLib.
Implements a WPF theming library with dark and light themes with accent colors similar to Windows 10 design guidelines.
A cloud localization provider for WPF Localize Extension ( to automatically translate your WPF user interface using Microsoft, Google or Yandex Translator. The provider requires Internet connection because is cloud-based. You don't need to create ...
Punch is a blend of three popular frameworks: Caliburn.Micro + DevForce + Entity Framework. Line of business applications need to query and save database data, model the data as objects with business logic, and present those objects to the end user. Punch takes care of these fundamental responsibil...
TypedRest.WPF helps you build simple WPF clients using REST clients designed with TypedRest.
Xceed Toolkit Plus for WPF is the commercial edition of the popular Toolkit for WPF project, the number one collection of WPF controls for creating next-gen Windows apps. You can try this package for free for 45 days, after which you will need to purchase a license key to continue using it.
Provides Observable-based events API for common UI controls/eventhandlers. The contents of this package is automatically generated, please target pull-requests to the code generator.
ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET enables you to add powerful mapping and spatial capabilities to your Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Xamarin.Android, and Xamarin.iOS apps.
WPF Light UI Toolkit