Top 20 NuGet WinRT Packages

WinRT Framework

Charting Controls for Windows Phone 8.1, ported from the Silverlight Toolkit.
Library helper (mvvm navigation, lifecycle, converters, extensions) for Windows Universal Apps (Win8.1 + WP8.1).
C++/WinRT is a standard C++ language projection for the Windows Runtime implemented solely in header files. It allows you to both author and consume Windows Runtime APIs using any standards-compliant C++ compiler. C++/WinRT is designed to provide C++ developers with first-class access to the modern ...
A control suite for some common things a Windows 8.1 XAML application might want to include such as a Flyout, Menu, Rating, Settings Pane, and other controls.
The main goal of this project is to supply a portable alternative to System.Text.Encoding that can be used from other PCL libraries. Platforms such as Windows Phone currently do not provide support for text encodings other than a limited subset of the Unicode encodings. This can be a real show-stop...
Generates OData style Rx Observables from LINQ queries against a REST service.
Control for managing an extended splash screen in WinRT apps
navigation control in a side flyout
Control and css framework for handling data forms with validation
Fast, extensible, intuitive and easy-to-use C# portable library providing fluent APIs for argument validation. Gives everything you need to implement defensive programming in your .NET application
Enterprise Foundation Classes
EFC Service application block. Includes compoents such as Data acccess, Exception handling, Logging, Audting etc
Provides an integration that enables LightInject to be used as the IoC container in the Nancy web framework.
Windows.UI.Interactivity is a port of System.Windows.Interactivity to the Windows Runtime and allows you to use behaviors and triggers as in Silverlight.
A set of controls, extensions and helper classes for Windows Runtime XAML applications.
Sirloin makes it easy to add a hamburger menu to your Windows 10 app. It supports .NET languages, C++, and JS. Find us on GitHub at
Interface that allows Internal Navigation Testing for Behaviour Driven Development Test Library for Xamarin.Forms
Provides a sample implementation of a ContentPage that shows how to login and show Facebook user profile from Facebook API. Watch a video demo:
Provides a sample implementation of a ContentPage that shows how to login and show Google user profile from Google API.
Plugin Xamarin permettant l'utilisation du MBaaS AppsPanel. Pour plus d'informations sur l'intégration :