Top 20 NuGet WebAPI Packages


bec webapi class library
Requires that all methods of contollers should return Task<T>
学科网开放SDK WEB API扩展
Dox42Wrapper is a simple library for C# to abstract away the SOAP service of dox42 Server. It is compiled with .NET Standard 1.2 and can be used with .NET Core >= 1.0 and .NET Framework >= 4.5.1 and so on.
This package requires TypeWriter: After installation you may need to remove signalr-1.0.d.ts installed with signalr typings.
Template for new, empty MVC4 projects to integrate AngularJs, MVC4, WebApi. Implements a client side Repository pattern and C#-Like controllers.
Opinionated WebApi project setup and configuration
ViewModel And BindingModel for SaturnWebApi
ViewModel And BindingModel for SaturnWebApi
Common ways to make service calls