Top 20 NuGet WebAPI Packages


.NET client for working with Smart Bill Cloud API
A dotnet wrapper for the cleverbot api
BettingAPI, AccountsAPI, RaceStatusAPI, HeartbeatAPI
.NET Framework network services library
IdeaStudio CRUD DataService
API client for the bunq public API.
This is a plugin for DocFX to generate API documentation for projects in various languages. This package contains both plugin DLLs and templates.
API client to retrieve Educational information from DFE
Xamarin library wrapping Cisco Spark RESTful APIs. published to be used by Xamarin developers since darrenparkinson sparkdotnet is incompatible with Xamarin PCL projects. Please visit the official Cisco developer portal at
Domain transfer objects for ICE applications
[DEPRECATED] please use RiotGamesAPI package
Facebook Client for
[DEPRECATED] please use RiotGamesAPI package
fork from RestSharp
Dictionary API
A library for managing program fault-points. Use static types to propagate errors, reduce vulnerable code, and design functional systems
.NET Library provides API S-money
C# Rest Client for IGDB API
SmartIT.Employee.MockDB Development Employee Mock Database, Fast API Development/Test Training
API Library for QuickCommander.