Top 20 NuGet WPF Packages

The Infragistics WPF Office2013 Theme supports the following controls: Accordion AutoCompleteBox Button CheckBox ComboBox Expander GridSplitter GroupBox Label ListBox PasswordBox ProgressBar RadioButton Rating RepeatButton Slider TextBox ToggleButton Tooltip
This library leverages Windows 8.x touch keyboard in WPF projects using built-in objects in the .NET Framework. Windows 8 or higher is required.
A WPF control that dynamically renders its content from a XAML string.
Charts for Modern.UI
Common types for WPF / MVVM applications.
This package contains necessary binaries for Microsoft Reporting library.
WPF UI Components.
WPF Charting library
WPF Helper Lib
Markout Output Renderer
This package contains an easy to use but powerful WPF Property Grid, and useful WPF converters and objects.
Traverse DependencyObjects properties up the logical and visual tree
An easy-to-use error form that can be included in your projects. This version is for Windows Presentation Foundation.
Simple WPF control for arranging the layout using its full space
Aurora Framework Container for docked views
Markout Input Parser
Markout Display WPF Controls
Common WPF and Other cool Stuff Bug Reports Please at Or directly
The Cross-platform XAML Framework
This is a Windows Presentation Foundation(WPF) control which encapsulates the MS Outlook NavigationPanel functionality. It fully supports WPF styling, so you can stylize it by your own graphical preferences, if you are an artist deep in your hearth. It comes with a default style wich is more like Ou...