Top 20 NuGet WPF Packages

GDS Google Map integrates an interactive Google Map into your desktop applications, providing a fast and convenient way for software developers to display customized geographic data on top of Google Map and perform Google Map based operations and computations. It supports various map types: roadma...
A component in C# that wraps use of web-based credential page, hosted in Internet Explorer(SHDocVw). Allows use of consistent web domain to share history of login information among web and desktop applications on the same machine. Acquired security token available to desktop application without it...
Display PDF Documents via a WPF control
WPF Extension
Common WPF and Other cool Stuff Bug Reports Please at Or directly
WPF Behavior for TextBlock component, play Fade out-in animation when text changed
A C# class that provides automatic updating for WPF applications.
A WPF version of Microsoft.Extensions.PlatformAbstractions describing the environment. Commonly Used Types: ApplicationEnvironment
Helps to write expressions like: myViewModel.Track(vm => vm.A.B.C.Name) and be sure to get notified whenewer vm.A, or A.B, or C.Name changed.
"Wrapper project for more efficient usage of Microsoft's UITestControl class (and derived classes) methods and properties"
Some WPF controls
Kelary reporting framework
WPF ItemsFilter Extension for any ItemsControl, such as DataGrid.
A WPF control for visualizing and editing networks, graphs and flow-charts
SingleInstance class from Microsoft that determines if only one instance of the application is running at a time. Packaged and distributed for WPF and .NET 4.0 Client Profile by CYINT Technologies.
Reactive model package to help develop MVVM / reactive oriented models. Michael Puckett, II 'I love, praise, and worship God'
ActionCommand - реализация ICommand
A Simple TouchScreen Keyboard
WPF MVC Framework
Microsoft Windows Shell