Top 20 NuGet WPF Packages

KinectExtensions: Point3D from Joint Model3DExtensions: make Model3D objects (cylinder, box) TCD.Kinect.Controls.SkeletonPainter3D: three-dimensional output of Skeletons and other objects.
NOTE: since v1.2.0 it's a Portable Class Library. Due to the nature of Portable Class Libraries, it's not possible to maintain the System.Windows.Media.Media3D namespace (and extending it). Instead all classes now orignate from TCD.Mathematics TCD.Mathematics provides classrs, which allow advanced ...
XAML Operations Binding Library
T4IncludeWPF provides a set of reusable T4 templates for generating dependency properties, events and commands
BellaCode.Mvvm is a lightweight library for following the Model-View-ViewModel (M-V-VM) pattern.
WPF lacks some basic functionality, so I coded it up and share the result with you here. Controls and windows include InputBox (like the VB6 function but more powerful), EditableLabel, ThumbnailPanel, and more. There are also helpers for associating with file types and starting up with Windows.
Library contains vary usefull Validation rules and Value converters for using with Binding
This package contains several framework classes that extend WPF applications. This library is in alpha status and is not considered stable. It is only working in conjunktion with .NET 4.5.
A Metro Character Progress Control The Progress Control could be used in following platforms: Windows 8 (WinRT) Windows Phone 8 (WP8) Silverlight 5 (SL5) WPF (WPF4.5)
Metro WPF provides a set of controls and styles for you to build your metro style WPF applications.
This is a drop-in wrapper on top of the classes for interacting with a Leap Motion - it allows for the handling of gesture recognition similar to what you would find in the world of iOS: simple listeners and events abstracted as high as they can go. **IMPORTANT** There are some steps that you must ...
A simple localization extension for WPF.
Simplifying the .NET User Configuration for Windows Forms and WPF.
Tiny mvvm library that does the absolute minium that you need in order to demonstrate MVVM functionality.
WPF/MVVM utilities: commands, converters, async support, etc. Consider this MVVM light light
Provides simple C# SyntaxHighlight textbox support in WPF with C# parsing
Currently supports Vista/Win7 control panel style window with glass VS2012 like (light and dark) Modern (office hub page)
KSMVVM.WPF is a MVVM toolkit that helps developers refactor code-behind WPF projects to MVVM.
A simple theme manager with optional UI user control for use in an WPF application.
A set of easy-to-use Kinect utilities that will speed-up the development of your projects. Skeletal extensions Joint scaling, proper for on-screen display User height Distance between joints WPF extensions Easily display color and depth frames in WPF Save Kinect frames as bitmap images Coming soo...