Top 20 NuGet WPF Packages

Jagged Windows Presentation Foundation Controls
Jagged Windows Presentation Foundation Core
Wpf Adorned Control for please wait in WPF
This is a common WPF interfaces framework for all applications
A collection of WPF code.
A (very) simple, lightweight wrapper for the fantastic 'Font Awesome' font.
HeaderPersister is a small utility class that persist the header of individual GroupItems while scrolling.
Wpf app-like side menu
Some Wpf Component
Library that simplifies the implementation of INotifyPropertyChanged, as described in the July 2016 issue of MSDN magazine (
Nequeo Wpf controls toolkit component
Nequeo Wpf controls toolkit docker component
Nequeo Wpf controls component
WPF AutoGrid
FlakEssentials components for WPF.
Custom minimal MVVM framework. Uses basic building blocks such as ObservableObject and RelayCommand.
A lightweight set of utilities and controls for Wpf. It's the set of tools I usually recreate for every project.
A set of useful XAML converters.
A port of the SL.Phone.Federation library from the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone 7, improved with better databinding support. Includes working versions for WPF 4 only. Silverlight 4, WP7 and WP7.1 support coming in next version. Changes since 0.9: - Refactoring of the control properties t...
Blend Behaviors to help designer-developer collaboration for WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 as outlined in the article "A Designer Friendly Approach to MVVM" at