Top 20 NuGet Unit Testing Packages

Use expressions to build objects for use in unit tests
XML extensions for fluent unit testing of ASP.NET MVC Controllers
MSTest TestContext configuration provider implementation for Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.
Pact Producer Test
Generate Date times based on key words and expressions
A Simple Object Builder for creating Test Objects.
Provides a system creates and manages states of Umbraco data for unit testing purposes
MongoDB integration testing helper from .NET projects
This package contains the reference assemblies that help test Service Fabric applications.
A test set for testing FHIR servers
Object graph config and generation library useful for unit testing.
This is an extension of Smocks for mocking Generic methods in external libraries. It is a forked git library from "feng3245/Smocks". Smocks is a library for mocking the normally unmockable. It can mock static and non-virtual methods and properties, amongst others. Change Log 0.7.5-beta2 Updated ...
Allows to run simple SMTP server stub on selected port
QuiuiTool is a Windows Forms application designed to manage the run of the web testing automated. Videos about QuiuiTool at
Integration-Tests involving SOAP WebServices made easy