Top 20 NuGet Patterns Packages

A library that defines interface for a generic repository, unit of work and specifications
Repository Generator will generate an entire repository structure for you. All you need to supply a namespace which contains all your Entity Framework models and the will generate repositories for all your models, it will generate a generic repository providing you with basic ...
A generic implementation for the repository pattern in C#.
Mongol is a wrapper for the MongoDB Official C# Driver which makes it very easy to create repository pattern classes around strongly typed collections for POCO objects. Mongol also includes lambda-based property name resolution for building MongoDB Query/Update operations without magic strings...
DrivenDb is a better microORM. Unique features, excellent performance, and cleaner code in as few trips to the database as possible.
RepositorioGenerico é um Framework ORM OpenSource escrito em C# para utilização em projetos com qualquer quantidade de tabelas.
A simple generic repository wrapper library for entity framework core
Implementing the Repository pattern for use MongoDb
Provides static wrapper for repository factory for those who cannot or do not want to use dependency injection
Convinient EF6 based Repository
caching strategies with repository pattern for EF
A tiny utility for Repository-Service pattern for ASP.NET Core
MongoDB repository implementation for .net core.
An entity framework implementation of the generic repository pattern.
A RavenDB implementation of the generic repository pattern.
Yarn In-memory Provider
Yarn RavenDB Provider
经典领域驱动设计支持库 Mongo 驱动
This library contains an EventStoreDomainRepository based on a DomainRepository base class contained in 'Evento' library. The two libraries combined are used to build Event Sourced components interacting with EventStore (GetEventStore)
Layer to access data storage with Unit of Work, Repository and Entity classes.