Top 20 NuGet Patterns Packages

The fastest and smoothest way to great architecture
The fastest and smoothest way to great architecture
EntityFramework.Toolkit is a library which provides implementations for EntityFramework best practices, patterns, utilities and extensions.
A generic repository implementation using the MongoDB C# Sharp 2.0 driver.
DrivenDb is a better microORM. Unique features, excellent performance, and cleaner code in as few trips to the database as possible.
The BullOak.Repositories implementation for NEventStore
Provides static wrapper for repository factory for those who cannot or do not want to use dependency injection
Package Description
Package Description
Interface/BaseClass/Attribute/Exception for Zaabee.Mongo.
Provides a base when implementing the repository pattern with EF6.
CodeMash tools for .NET developers. Access tools from .NET
CodeMash tools for .NET developers. Access tools from .NET Core
Simple repository pattern for Azure Table storage
Classes to implement repositories for a MongoDB backend
The package is a part of Saritasa Tools project. Saritasa.Tools.Common contains various utilities and extensions for DateTime convertion, strings manipulation, validation utils (Guard), parse with default, flow (memoize, retry), collection processing (chunk select), atomic (CAS, swap), strings hash ...
RepositorioGenerico é um Framework ORM OpenSource escrito em C# para utilização em projetos com qualquer quantidade de tabelas.
The BullOak.Repositories implementation for EntityFramework
CodeGenHero is an amazing Visual Studio extension that enhances developer productivity via code generation. This package should be added to projects that are the target of CodeGenHero templates that leverage Reverse POCO entities along with Entity Framework.
Convinient EF6 based Repository