Top 20 NuGet NOSQL Packages

Implementing the Repository pattern for use MongoDb
ASP.NET Identity provider for RavenDB. This is an identity provider that works with RavenDB 4.0+ for MVC (full .NET Framework) apps. If you're looking for ASP.NET Core support, use our sister project, RavenDB.Identity.
Couchbase integration for Stove.
.NET Standard 2.0 version of ServiceStack.Common
Track user reactions and generate metrics against those reactions. A reaction, being a specialized form of an occurance, this package is suitable for occurances that has the following properties; Subject Id (Integer) Subject Type Id (String) Value (String) ValueType (String) Actor (String) Restrict...
BrickPile is a lightweight CMS built on RavenDB and ASP.NET MVC 5
A storage engine provider for Couchbase Lite .NET that utilizies SQLCipher to gain encryption features.
.NET client for ArangoDB with Linq provider
Execute LINQ queries on Lucene.Net complete with object to Document mapping.
A storage engine provider for Couchbase Lite .NET that utilizies the system-installed SQLite library
A long description of the package. This shows up in the right pane of the Add Package Dialog as well as in the Package Manager Console when listing packages using the Get-Package command.
EasyDocDb - embedded nosql document persistance for .NET Core.
Dependency Injection package for using RavenDB with ASP.NET Core.
This client library enables client applications to perform bulk operations in Azure Cosmos DB. The BulkImport module provides functionality to bulk ingest documents with optimizations to maximally utilize the allocated collection throughput for maximal write throughput (supports SQL and Gremlin API...
A lightweight, document-oriented (NoSQL), syncable database engine for .NET
A library with repository interfaces for using NoSQL
MongoDb storage provider for generic OData API implementation
A simple tool that was born from an experiment while I was learning how to use Neo4j.Driver to execute queries in Neo4j. After some repetitive query parses, I tried to make it more abstract for me, using some attributes to configure a graph node as a custom C# class.
RavenDB integration for Stove.
Performs CRUD operations and executes SQL on Oracle NoSQL database