Top 20 NuGet NOSQL Packages

(Unofficial) Signed GridFS Component of the Official MongoDB .NET Driver. The containing assembly was generated by signing the officially published MongoDB.Driver.GridFS.dll.
A lightweight, document-oriented (NoSQL), syncable database engine for .NET
Client API for the quasardb database
Built on top of DataStax C# driver for Apache Cassandra, it provides additional features designed for DataStax Enterprise.
An easy-to-use timeseries database client that allows storing of masses of simple of data structures identified by a string id and a timestamp.
Use MongoDB as the read store and data store in CQRS.NET
Use Ninject as your IoC container of choice with MongoDB for CQRS.NET
.NET Binding for FoundationDB
Library to use a local git repository as a NoSQL database
Implementing the Repository pattern for use MongoDb
StackExchange.Redis.Extensions is a library that extends StackExchange.Redis allowing you a set of functionality needed by common applications. This implementation is based on UTF8Json serializer.
Siaqodb is a NoSQL embedded object & document database engine that can be used to make apps for .NET, Windows, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Mono, MonoMac, and Unity3D
A generic repository implementation using the MongoDB C# Sharp 2.0 driver.
Fast ACID table style document nosql database engine. easily deploy on mobile, desktop and web applications. KeyValue KeyOnly tables and SQL Like query methods, thread safe with CRUD. For C# Mono Xamarin ASP.NET Core .NET Mobile Cross Platform
The simple and easy RavenDB Identity provider for ASP.NET Core. Use Raven to store your users and logins. As simple as services.AddRavenDbIdentity<AppUser>();
Library to use a remote git repository as a NoSQL database through a REST API. Note: You need an installed version of the GitDb server, which can be found at the project URL.
Package Description
MongoDb storage provider for generic OData API implementation
Common Layers for the FoundationDB .NET Binding
Simple and powerful SQL builder