Top 20 NuGet Logging Packages

CommonLogging library for Raptorlog.
IntelliSense support for Raptorlog >= 1.0.0-beta022
This is a C# logging system which allows quick and creating of a log file and asynchronous updates and provides inteligent log features including log tracking and is able to extract data from an exception.
Logging Module For JustClick
Logging Module For JustClick
Useful .NET code.
Sample configuration supplying common filtering for ELMAH.
ELMAH with configuration for getting started quickly on a Microsoft Access database as the error log.
Adds Enterprise Library 5 Logging Block settings to your WCF project
Fixed a bug which generated the incorrect method (stackframe) during release mode.
Common logging library for Takenet's applications
Additional appenders, filters and type converters for use with log4net. NOTE: this is an initial release to the public meant for users already familiar with the DemiCode.Logging API. Online documentation is not yet available.
Core library for Error Logging Filter and Route (ELFAR).
WebLog is a decentralized logger using a RESTful API. This component is a log4net appender to address this API.
Contains DTOs and an interface used to receive log entries from a remote source.
Logging all of your mistakes
CuttingEdge.Logging is a library that helps programmers to output log statements to a variety of output targets in .NET applications. The design is based on the .NET 2.0 Provider Model. This means the library uses the same configuration and extensibility model.
File Logger for Windows Phone apps
Eleven41.Logging is a general purpose logging framework, capable of logging to many different outputs. Those include console, file, Windows event Log, multiple outputs. Various logging levels exist, including diagnostic, info, warning, and error.
Timber is a straightforward, no-frills logging framework facade. Timber provides adapters for the most popular 3rd party logging frameworks, NLog and log4net (available as separate packages: Timber.NLog and Timber.log4net)