Top 20 NuGet Logging Packages

Provides logging layer.
Cross-platform event-based logging library.
Yes, another logger! Efficient and pluggable. Can log to separate logging and auditing providers. Supplied console, event, file, and log4net providers. Thread-global Singleton based, so all the advantages of Singletons without the threading problems.
Additional logging provider for EventStore using Log4Net.
Additional logging provider for NanoMessageBus using Log4Net v1.2.11 (aka v2.0).
Implementation of Clutch.Diagnostics.Logging using NLog
Quickstart package for Highway Framework in an MVC project.
Enable logging with Log4Net for OrigoDb
Grace.Common.Logging provides integration class between Common.Logging and Grace (Dependency Injection Container)
Custom logger assembly for Deerso
A hipchat logger for service stack
A metaheuristics software framework for .NET
Logging features for ThinMVVM.
A facade on EventStore allowing the logging of any serialisable object as the Data of a StorableEvent
a library to make logging with log4net easier
Extends Zirpl's Logging with a Log4Net implementation.
An easy to use way to track exceptions, errors and other code conditions for logging purpose. Built-in support for email logging. Can be extended to work with file system, database, NoSQL, Twilio SMS, etc.
Easily add logging to Smsgh.UssdFramework
基于Log4Net实现日志记录 - 基础开发服务框架
Extends Zirpl's Logging framework with functionality wrapping Common.Logging