Top 20 NuGet Linq Packages

ReactiveUI extensions for the Android Support Library
The CData JSON Data Provider allows you to display JSON files in a table format. Just specify your credentials to retrieve JSON data and display it in a table.
Enables you to use standard drivers to connect to NetSuite objects. Just specify your credentials and access tables like NetSuite Customers, Accounts, etc.
Useful to turn WebApi requests parameters into expressions, create advanced search screens with the capability to save and re-run those filters, among other things.
.NET Standard Port of Mad Hatter's brilliant LINQ provider built on top of System.DirectoryServices.Protocols for querying and updating LDAP servers.
Active List Extensions provides a set of linq extensions that dynamically update and throw collection change notifications.
Execute LINQ queries on Lucene.Net complete with object to Document mapping.
Core library for exposing a web service through Pomona.
A type-safe data context for AWS DynamoDB with LINQ and in-memory caching support. Allows to combine DynamoDB's durability with cache speed and read consistency. Translates LINQ queries into corresponding DynamoDB Get/Query/Scan operations (trying to choose the most effective one) and stores query r...
This is the Microsoft assembly for the .Net 4.0 Dynamic language functionality.
C# source implementation that enhances LINQ to Objects with the following methods: Acquire, AssertCount, Batch, Concat, Consume, DistinctBy, EquiZip, ExceptBy, Fold, ForEach, Generate, GenerateByIndex, GroupAdjacent, Index, MaxBy, MinBy, Pad, Pairwise, Pipe, Prepend, PreScan, Scan, SingleOrFallback,...
A lightweight, linq-friendly inference library for .NET
A generic tree library in C# that focuses on hierarchical entity representations. Features: full LINQ querying, intuitive manipulation of nodes, error detection (e.g. cycles), class extensibility (e.g. to accommodate business rules), format conversion / serialization.
AntData.Orm For Dotnet Core
High performance Linq-style extension methods that are multithreaded and use System.Numerics SIMD for arrays and lists.
Extensions for working with enumerables in .NET, a-la LINQ.
Utilities for working with code tree expressions in LINQ.
DotMarkdown is Markdown framework for .NET Commonly Used Types: DotMarkdown.MarkdownWriter DotMarkdown.MarkdownFormat DotMarkdown.Linq.MFactory
Scalable search-function for databases using Linq.
Linq binding library for Bridge.NET projects.