Top 20 NuGet Linq Packages

A C# library which helps create customized and extensible LINQ-like sql queries more easily.
Option types for C# with LINQ support and rich fluent syntax
Provides Linq extensions for 2D .NET arrays.
A library to consume MIM resources using LINQ
Drop-in-place Memory and Performance optimizations for LINQ
Pomona security extensions.
Reactive Extensions (Rx) provides the aliases Map, FlatMap, and Filter
Lightweight optimizer of System.Linq.Expression expressions. Just basic boolean algebra and reductions, constant and tuple/anonymous type eliminations. For side-effect free Expressions. No compilation-subjective optimizations.
C# source implementation that enhances LINQ to Objects with the method Index. Returns a sequence of where the key is the zero-based index of the value in the source sequence.
Pomona shared library between server and client.
Linq extensions for ordered sequences. Provides better perfomance in comparison to standard extensions. Provides Concat, Distinct, Except, GroupBy, Intersect, Join, GroupJoin and Union.
High performance Linq-style extension methods for arrays and lists.
Provides multithreaded Linq-Like extensions for arrays and lists.
High performance Linq-style extension methods that use System.Numerics SIMD for arrays and lists.
Easily retrieve data from spreadsheets and csv files by using LINQ
A C# Server side component for the popuplar jQuery datatables plugin suitable for core and other netstandard frameworks
Support linq,extened function,Action,Func,Tuple,AsyncTask.. for .net framework 2.0
Linq extensions to get data for the grid.
A library with additional functions to retrieve data for grids that use EntityFramework.