Top 20 NuGet Linq Packages

LINQ method for a select with a condition
This is a wrapper for array to be enabled with underscore features.
LINQlone is a reimplementation of LINQ to Objects for .NET 2.0 providing all the standard query operators of .NET 3.5. With C# 2.0+ LINQlone also activates extension methods and lambda expressions.
Light is Data Access Layer for SQL Server it will handle all of the legacy that come when dealing with sql server database like " open connections, create sqlcommand, loop throw DataReader, Get a Data Table , convert Data table to Object or data set, close connection, get output and paramete...
Treenumerable is a general purpose library for enumerating, traversing and querying just about any tree.
Decompile property getters for supporting computed columns on LINQ. Uses the ashming expressive decompiler library
Library for serializing, modifying and deserializing LINQ Expressions
Linq join to string extensions methods
Reactive Extensions for Unity. This is .NET 3.5 subset of UniRx.
Linq-to-SQL extension methods for batched update and delete
A .Net library for composing reactive collections providing monadic types to support LINQ.
Reactive Extensions (Rx) provides the aliases Map, FlatMap, and Filter
Use Object.Assign like syntax in LINQ to Entities
Extension methods for tasks, including LINQ query syntax support, task chaining, and exception handling.
The Enumerable2 class.
Utility .Net library for declarative collection handling. It provides a set of query methods, resembling the ones in LINQ, which operate on read-only observable lists and collections, instead of IEnumerable.
A lightweight JavaScript library that brings proper .NET-like collections and LINQ to JavaScript.