Top 20 NuGet F# Packages

F# records for CoreTweet
An predictive text library for .Net
An predictive text library for .Net
Package Description
FSharp FnSharp Core Library
Extension and Static method to check if a url is for an image. Example: "".IsImageUl();
Prototype of Elm inspired immutable MVVM library for Wpf
YaccConstructor tool set
IEC-61131-3 type aliases for F#
A very simple console menu. The menu options and related functions are all passed to the menu function on a list
.NET Core compatible version of fsharp interactive fsi.exe. Supported Platforms: - .NET Core (.netstandard1.6)
.NET Core compatible version of the fsharp compiler fsc.exe. Supported Platforms: - .NET Core (netstandard1.6)
The DocumentDb Type Provider provides easy access to databases, collections and documents within an Azure DocumentDb account
F# Excel interop pakcage.