Top 20 NuGet F# Packages

Arrows for F#
F# API search engine
F# agent to handle serial or TCP/IP communication with a generic line-mode device
Goodreads API wrapper written in F#.
This is a F# Z3 API wrapper
Adds config for using Rezoom.SQL.Provider with SQLite.
Adds config for using Rezoom.SQL.Provider with MS SQL Server.
A meta type provider for creating simple type providers from plain old f# objects
Aether optics for Fable apps
A collection of operators that can help write a Neo4j Cipher query using the natural syntax (or as close as possible) without resorting to too many magic strings.
Fable bindings for Express
Nuget package for fsharplex and fsharpyacc.
Fable bindings for Node.js
Fable bindings for node-postgres
Fable bindings for
Adds config for using Rezoom.SQL.Provider with PostgreSQL.
Extensions to make MvvmCross bindings more F#-ish
F# bindings and type providers for the Control Plane Services API.
A .NET library made in F# to do encryption and decryptions of text with caesar cipher. Create an instance of the class/module `CaesarCipher`, and start by using the functions `Encrypt(message:string, key:int)` and `Decrypt(message:string, key:int)`.
The core library of the Rosetta project