Top 20 NuGet Excel Packages

Proyecto que permite exportación de listas genericas (IEnumerable) a Excel
This library is for the .NET platform implementing a Excel type provider.
ExcelDataReader ( without SharpZipLib dependency
DoddleReport adds tabular reporting over any LINQ Query, IEnumerable, DataTable or SharePoint List, exportable to HTML, PDF, Excel, CSV or your own custom type. See DoddleReport.Web for great Web reporting support, and the other DoddleReport packages for even more Report Writers
EPPlus is a powerful library for reading and writing Excel 2007/2010 files, while it is not support converting .xlsx to other type of formats PDF, Image, CSV, XML, inserting OLE object and etc. This project is aimed to provide examples to achieve above mentioned features by using free Excel Class Li...
Read and write Excel in an extreamly simple way. Based on NPOI.Support the quick convert from DataTable and IQueryable<T> to sheet. Set cell styles by attributes.
Simple excel file reader.
A Simple EPPlus Wrapper
Read and save to .xlsx made easy. For the developer that has better things to do that work with spreadsheets but just has to provide something to the business. The purpose of this package is to minimize the learning curve required to start saving to excel files or reading spreadsheet files uploaded ...
Quickly build simple reports in Excel OpenXML format.
TableIO provides same interaface for reading and writing csv, excel(xls, xlsx) and other table format content.
TableIO.ClosedXml is TableIO Extension for reading and writing Excel(xlsx).
TableIO.NPOI is TableIO Extension for reading and writing Excel(xls, xlsx).
將IEnumerable 匯出成excel (*.xls, *.xlsx)
Libreria di esportazione dati in excel
Spreadsheet programming components. Connect, create, and update spreadsheet data from Excel, Google, etc. from custom applications.
PdfReport is a code first reporting engine, which is built on top of the iTextSharp and EPPlus libraries. It's compatible with both .NET 3.5+ Web and Windows applications.
This package is now obsolete and has been replaced by the GroupDocs.Conversion package. [Obsolete] GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET is a universal document conversion library designed for easy integration into any .NET application. The library allows you to enhance your app with the capability to conv...
This library allows you to generate Excel Workbooks using XML, it is built 100% in C# and does not requires Excel installed at all to generate the files. It exposes a simple object model to generate the XML Workbooks. It supports several features for generating Excel Workbooks including: •Formattin...