Top 20 NuGet Excel Packages

A wrapper library to manipulate MS Excel files easily.
Http extensions for Trendyol.Excelsior.
This package is now obsolete and has been replaced by the GroupDocs.Text package. [Obsolete] GroupDocs.Text for .NET is a class library that extracts raw or formatted text from different document formats Key Features: - Covers most popular document formats: Microsoft Word, Open Office, Microsoft...
Generic export for .net collections to CSV or Excel
The Stimulsoft Reports.Server platform provides a full-featured back-end solution for your .NET application. API provides access to the main functions of the system and automates user actions.
Read and write Excel in an extreamly simple way. Based on NPOI.Support the quick convert from DataTable and IQueryable<T> to sheet. Set cell styles by attributes.
This package is now obsolete and has been replaced by the GroupDocs.Watermark package. [Obsolete] GroupDocs.Watermark for .NET is a powerful document watermarking API to add image and text watermarks. Furthermore, API works to search and remove the watermarks which were already added to the docume...
Serializer for Excel-files (xslx)
Package Description
This is a helper library that is used by many other xSkrape components.
Read and save to .xlsx made easy. For the developer that has better things to do that work with spreadsheets but just has to provide something to the business. The purpose of this package is to minimize the learning curve required to start saving to excel files or reading spreadsheet files uploaded ...
If you have any issues, please contact me. History: Fixed bug #14 Small refactory Public: - Removed IxlCompatible interface because of its excess; - Added two new types: SheetIdentifier, XLOCSheet; - Implemented conversion with grouping by Sheet Identifier; Internal: - Refe...
Free Spreadsheet control to open, show, edit, print and save Excel format spreadsheet for WPF. Supports many extensions such as cell types, custom cells, selection mode, read-only-mode, formula calculation, even the script execution like VBA.
Office .NET is Office file format API for .NET, Mono, Xamarin (Android, iOS), Universal Windows Platform. Supports Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OpenOffice file formats.
Quickly build simple reports in Excel OpenXML format.
This package is to simplify work with Excel Spreadsheet document. Даннный пакет предназначен для упрощения синтаксиса библиотеки DocumentFormat.OpenXml.
Для выгрузки отчета в Web проекте через Api. Предоставдляет фреймворк для скачивания и формирование файлов отчетов в формате Excel или Word.
This project provide simple extensions to create/read excel/csv files
Wrapper for creating xlsx files with DocumentFormat.OpenXml
Provides fast and memory efficient alternatives to the collections in System.Collections.Immutable. Currently just includes SchematiqList as a replacement for ImmutableList.