Top 20 NuGet Entity Framework Packages

Adds the templates that EF uses to generate Code First models from a database so that code generation can be customized.
My package description.
Facile framework persistence EntityFramework library
Repository Service implementation for EntityFramework.
Implementation of TakeLib.Data components for Entity Framework
Helper to use entity framework
LCL Entity Framework Repository
DotNetCore's EntityFramework implementation.
General helpers to help DBAs use EF in a more natural way to them.
Labo Common Data Entity Framework Library.
Labo Common Data Entity Framework Medium Trust Library.
The implementaion of SimplifyDDD's ORM Plugin by EntityFramework
T1 common library
Sintari Technologies - Helpers - Entity Framework
Provides an Entity Framework configuration for Elmah.
PostgreSQL provider for Entity Framework 7. This is a placeholder only as the provider is still in alpha. Unstable CI nugets can be installed from
This package provides an Entity Framework implmentation of the Unit OF Work and Repositories defined by Naif.Data
Filters for EF code first CUD