Top 20 NuGet Database Packages

Unofficial Sfc Library for SQL Server 2008
Unofficial SMO Library for SQL Server 2008
Unofficial SMO Extended Library for SQL Server 2008
Unofficial SqlEnum Library for SQL Server 2008
SQL Query Modeller and Compiler with Fluent Interface
automation, performance, race and test extensions for dapper-net / dapper-js node project.
This is class library for easily connect and work with SQL Server.This package also can do asynchronous tasks.
var queryBuilder = new QueryBuilder(); var t0 = new Table() { TableName = "Table0", TableAlias = "t0" }; var t1 = new Table() { TableName = "Table1", Column1Name = "Column1", ...
Teaq is a mini-ORM that offers object materialization, relational mapping and query batching services. Teaq offers a simple API to do common database interactions with SQL Server. Performance is most important, as is low startup cost. In addition, queries can be arbitrarily batched to minimize serve...
Provides UI for SQL server connection string configuration.
Jh.Data.Sql.Replication defines sql replication interfaces
Microsoft change ALL ID
SQL Server connection dialog
Call SQl Database and Oracle like Entity Framework Code first and with normal and async methods - Call Select - Call Stored Procedure - Insert , Update and Delete
SQL Server query execution plan visualizer for LINQPad. Features Include: View query execution plan inside LINQPad View missing indexes for query Create missing indexes directly from LINQPad Open plan in SQL Server Management Studio or other default app Save plan to xml file
Dac Package for Microsoft SQL Server 2014. This NuGet Package contains the following libraries: - Microsoft.Data.Tools.Contracts.dll - Microsoft.Data.Tools.Schema.Sql.dll - Microsoft.Data.Tools.Schema.Tasks.Sql.dll - Microsoft.Data.Tools.Schema.Utilities.Sql.dll - Microsoft.Data.Tools.Utilities.dl...
Code generation tool for SQL Server sprocs
Given Sql Statement and Connection String, the DLL recovers the field requested and returns a string.
Test harness for SQL Server