Top 20 NuGet Database Packages

A query builder for SQL.
Reader and Writer SqlServer collections Actors in
Awesome application sql helper utility
Lightweight profiler that supports async and parallelism in code, and features an extensible API.
Enables the profiling of .NET applications written using the Nancy framework.
A simple REST API for LiveProfiler.
An extension to LiveProfiler that turns transactions and steps metrics into performance counters.
An extension to LiveProfiler that streams profiler events to the LiveProfiler Desktop Monitor.
Generic Data Access Core library
Library for smart and easy use of generic data access for SQL Server. It provides functionalities for common SQL data access and for SQL Server Always On.
Extension to bridge Dragon.Data and Dragon.CPRX. Allows auto projection to tables.
Simple Sql bulk helper.
Package Description
It converts the datatable to respective class instance. Not only this, it helps in getting sql paramaters of each attribute of the class.
A simple library for SQL Server data access
Execute SQL in mdb for multi-SQLs at once.
Easily generate bulk SQL statements for random data
This package contains a DAPPER based SQL repository for the CG.Configuration package.
A high performance Micro-ORM supporting SQL Server, MySQL, Sqlite, SqlCE, Firebird etc..
Bulk insert for a single class and TPT type inheritance using entity framework. No limitation on the number of records that can be passed. Now supporting string, number, guids, date, datetime, datetimeoffset and boolean types. Instead of passing the dbcontext everytime, just set it once while dec...