Top 20 NuGet Dapper Packages

Extensions to dapper-dot-net
automation, performance, race and test extensions for dapper-net / dapper-js node project.
Dapper.Contrib.Ext add update ext ps:dapper net4.0 sourcecode changed
A extension for dapper.
TransactionHelper is disabled.
Toolkit containing useful controls and services for UWP applications.
DapperMagician (later - DM) is a light-weight ORM framework that wraps and extends the famous micro-ORM Dapper, allowing to create a fully operative data access layer in literally a few lines of code
Useful helpers for Dapper
Common code components for Dapper
Package Description
Library lets to build sql queries for Dapper in a declarative manner by using criteria classes with attributes applied to thier properties
Package Description
Basic connection creation and disposal abstracted away so that one can focus on their business logic.
Use this wrapper to call stored procedures with dapper. It will help you standardize your calling process. In addition, it will allow you to establish workflows to perform prevalidations, validations and post operations, transactions, serialized multiple responses among other advantages.