Top 20 NuGet Azure Packages

Implementation of the IEventStore interface for the SimpleCQRS library that uses Azure Table Storage as the backend.
To support Azure service bus.
Support for using Service Fabric for cluster information when hosting Microsoft Orleans on Service Fabric.
British Council China IT Team deal with file upload and download via Azure storage.
As of 01/23/2018 you can send data to Azure Log Analytics with the HTTP Data Collector API (public preview) from a REST API client. This package implements this as a Logging Provider for ASP.NET Standard 2.0
Micro Service Bus on top of MSMQ. Installs one source file only to your project
The Distributor Process for the nservicebus
The Timeout Manager for the nservicebus
The goal of pServiceBus(Phoenix Service Bus) is to provide an API and Service Components that would make implementing an ESB Infrastructure in your environment easy. It's developed in C#, and also have API written for Javascript, Java, and Objective-C Clients.
This package contains abstractions to provide standard Interfaces, or Abstracts, for common services typicality re-implemented in various Projects/Assemblies. Utilizing a standards based Type allows services to flow between otherwise disconnected Assemblies.
SQS extension for ShuttleBus
Log4net Appenders for Service bus and MSMQ
MsBuild helpers for BizTalk
OpenMessage is an easy to use abstraction for sending and receiving messages between applications.
A JIL serializer for OpenMessage
A Json.Net serializer for OpenMessage
A protobuf-net serializer for OpenMessage
The RabbitMq support for the ServiceBus project, a small distributed application framework for .NET.
Use this with Windows Azure Service Bus and Notification Hubs client registration (for Windows Store and Windows Phone 8 apps). It adds Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Messaging.Managed.dll to your project. This package is for developing Windows Store and Windows Phone 8 applications with C# (managed)
This library encapsulates a set of storage conventions for Azure Batch task and job outputs, making it convenient for clients to browse and retrieve outputs by task and job id and the type of output.