Top 20 NuGet and Packages

Calculate Public Holidays for a given year, translation native. Country States and Regions support. Supports 51 countries.
Extends CSLA .NET framework with ObjectCaching data portal implementation, extended parser for SmartDate and additional generic business and authorization rules. CSLA .NET is an application development framework that reduces the cost of building and maintaining applications. The framework enables d...
Enumerations tests framework is provided as an NUnit based framework sufficient to exercise the majority of boilerplate issues concerning both Ordinal as well as Bitwise Enumerations.
The framework Enumerations provides a solid baseline of features emulating Java's enumeration structure for .NET. Simple Ordinal based Enumerations are supported, as are more complex Flags-like Bitwise Enumerations.
Gnostice XtremeDocumentStudio .NET is the next-generation multi-format document-processing component suite for .NET developers. Currently, XtremeDocumentStudio .NET MVC Viewer extension supports viewing, printing, and converting PDF, DOCX, DOC, BMP, JPEG, PNG, WMF, EMF, TIFF and MTIFF. More formats ...
This library has the concept of a set of pipes joint by connectors where pipes are just code that do a single task and connectors coordinate the execution.
ASP.NET MVC is supportet by the ITfoxtec Identity SAML2 MVC package which helps to integrate the ITfoxtec SAML 2.0 package and add support for SAML-P and SAML 2.0 tokens.
Projac provides lightweight infrastructure for authoring projections.
Fluent.Infrastructure is an infrastructure that unites Controller, Service, Repository, Validation and automation integration testing with the aim of accelerating the development of organized systems, causing major operations become simple and quick to implement. Cache control and logic exclusion ar...
Cache Framework for MemoryCache and Distributed Cache
Non-allocating Base64 encoder and decoded
Password Hash And Salt (password-hash-and-salt) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Non-allocating ninary reader and writer
MiNET fnbt version with support for MCPE 0.16+ varint and string.
Projac.SQLite provides lightweight infrastructure for authoring SQL projections targeting SQLite.
Projac.SqlClient provides lightweight infrastructure for authoring SQL projections that target Microsoft SQL Server.
Library to read and write configuration files
This library holds some helper classes and extension methods used for mvc. This is an extension library for the well known library Fluentx.
CommandAndQuery applies the CQS principle by using separate Query and Command objects to retrieve and modify data, respectively.
Projac.Sql provides lightweight infrastructure for authoring SQL projections.