Top 20 NuGet abstraction Packages

Library of .NET functions, extensions and components including asynchronous processing queues, configuration APIs, diagnostics, error handling, console functions, adapter framework, active directory and local account functions, checksum algorithms, unit conversion, binary parsing, cron-style task sc...
Meta package with abstractions for types in NETStandard.Library.
Provides interfaces for types in System.IO: Stream, MemoryStream, BinaryReader, BinaryWriter, StreamReader, StreamWriter, StringReader, StringWriter, TextReader, TextWriter.
Provides interfaces for types in System.IO.FileSystem: Directory, File, FileSystemInfo, DirectoryInfo, FileInfo, FileStream, SafeFileHandle.
Provides interfaces for types in System.Text.Encoding: Encoding, Encoder, Decoder
Provides types used by all Thinktecture.*.Abstractions projects.
Provides interfaces for types in System.Runtime: StringBuilder, WaitHandle, EventArgs.
Provides interfaces for type in System.Runtime.Extensions: Path, BitConverter, Convert, Environment, Math, Random, UriBuilder, Stopwatch, WebUtility.
Provides interfaces for types in System.Runtime.Handles: SafeHandle, CriticalHandle, SafeWaitHandle.
Provides interfaces for types in System.Net.Primitives: Cookie, CookieCollection, CookieContainer, NetworkCredential.
Provides interfaces for types in System.Net.NetworkInformation: NetworkInterface, PhysicalAddress, IPAddressInformation, IPAddressInformationCollection, IPInterfaceProperties, IPInterfaceStatistics, IPv4InterfaceProperties, IPv6InterfaceProperties, UnicastIPAddressInformation, UnicastIPAddressInform...
Provides interfaces for types in System.Threading.Tasks: Task, Task<T>, TaskFactory, TaskFactory<T>.
Provides interfaces for types in System.IO.FileSystem.Watcher: FileSystemWatcher.
Provides interfaces for types in System.Net.Http: HttpClient, HttpContent, HttpRequestMessage, HttpResponseMessage, HttpHeaders, DelegatingHandler, HttpClientHandler, HttpMessageHandler, HttpMessageInvoker, MessageProcessingHandler, MultipartContent, MultipartFormDataContent, HttpContentHeaders, Htt...
Provides interfaces for types in System.Net.Sockets: Socket, TcpClient, UdpClient, TcpListener, NetworkStream, ISocketAsyncEventArgs, LingerOption, SendPacketsElement.
Provides interfaces for types in System.IO.Pipes: NamedPipeServerStream, NamedPipeClientStream, PipeStream.
Provides interfaces for types in System.Console: Console.
NHibernate mapping using System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations and wrappers for tests and ORM switching.
Generic DAO abstraction layer for CosmosDB using MongoDB interface
Abstractions on Azure service infrastructure to help Arragro interact with Azure.