Top 20 NuGet ado Packages

Npgsql is the open source .NET data provider for PostgreSQL.
Any ADO provider can be read (SqlServer, SqlServer CE 4, MySQL, SQLite, System.Data.OracleClient, ODP, Devart, PostgreSql, DB2...) into a single standard model.
A library for serializing ADO.NET DataTables and DataReaders into an efficient, portable binary format. Uses Marc Gravell's Google Protocol Buffers library, protobuf-net.
Library of .NET functions, extensions and components including asynchronous processing queues, configuration APIs, diagnostics, error handling, console functions, adapter framework, active directory and local account functions, checksum algorithms, unit conversion, binary parsing, cron-style task sc...
Google ADO.NET Provider for Google Cloud Spanner.
Sumo.Data.SqlServer is a Microsoft SQL Server specific implementation of Sumo.Data. Sumo.Data is an IoC capable database access framework.
Sumo.Data.Sqlite is a SQLite specific implementation of Sumo.Data. Sumo.Data is an IoC capable database access framework.
Generic ADO.NET helper library to connect to a relational database system using a given providers ADO.NET driver. Driver can be in Global Assembly Cache or referenced as a nuget package.
Sumo.Data is an IoC capable database access framework. It provides foundation interfaces and classes for database-independent data access. Sumo.Data.Sqlite and Sumo.Data.SqlServer provide database specific implementations of Sumo.Data, Sumo.Data.Schema, and Sumo.Data.Orm. Sumo.Data.Orm is a light-we...
Extends ADONetHelper library for SQL Server
Extends ADONetHelper library to Sqlite
Extends ADONetHelper library to MySql
Provides an abstraction over ADO.NET.
Extends ADONetHelper library to Postgres
Extends ADONetHelper library to Oracle
Extends ADONetHelper library to Firebird
NetTopologySuite plugin for Npgsql, allowing mapping of PostGIS geometry types to NetTopologySuite types.
Lib for wrap a connection or transaction context around a .Net Ado implementation. It providers some factories and interceptors for better and clean code.
F# type providers to support statically typed access to input parameters and result set of sql statement in idiomatic F# way. Data modifications via statically typed tables.
Glimpse is a web debugging and diagnostics tool used to gain a better understanding of whats happening inside of your ASP.NET 3.5+ application. This package adds ADO profiling for those using DbProviderFactory.