Top 20 NuGet Adjunct Packages

Ordered Set implemenetation.
Disposable with EventHandlerDictionary
Linq to Xml Extensions
Self Balancing Binary Search Tree
Binary Tree Infrastructure
A PascalSet space optimized for having fewer elements over a large range of integers.
Simple multithreading lock
LogBase, Debug, and Trace loggers for CaliburnMicro
ValidatingScreen for CaliburnMicro
Simple 'IoC' container wrapper.
ISetEx and base class implementation, builds on ISet
System.IO.FileInfo Extensions
System.IO.Stream extensions
Basic packaged resource reader.
System.Text.StringBuilder extensions.
Simple text templating engine
Linq to Xml Extensions for Enumerations
Linq to Xml Extensions for Guids
Retired: Will autoupdate to use the XunitShould.Sources package instead.