Top 20 NuGet actors Packages

Hyperion serializer for Akka.NET
Serilog logging adapter for Akka.NET.
Akka.NET Persistence ADO.NET middleware
Distributed publish/subscribe, client and singleton support for Akka.NET cluster
Akka.NET is a port of the popular Java/Scala framework Akka to .NET
NLog logging adapter for Akka.NET
Support library for hosting Orleans on Microsoft Azure.
Microsoft Orleans library for hosting a silo in a testing project.
Remote actor support for Akka.NET
Ultra-fast distributed actors for .NET.
Ultra-fast distributed actors for .NET.
Orleans backplane for SignalR Core.
Dependency injection support for Akka.NET
Persistence actor support for Akka.NET
Microsoft Orleans build-time code generator to install in all grain interface & implementation projects.
Use Ninject as your IoC container of choice with Akka.Net for CQRS.NET
You need a Akka.TestKit.* package! Add the one appropriate for the test framework you use instead. For example: Akka.TestKit.Xunit or Akka.TestKit.VsTest. This package only contains base functionality for writing tests for the Akka.NET framework.
Cluster support for Akka.NET
Core runtime library of Microsoft Orleans that hosts and executes grains within a silo.
Collection of Microsoft Orleans libraries and files needed on the client.