Top 20 NuGet .netcore Packages

This package provides the AMQP client and listener of AMQPNetLite on .Net Core (netstandard1.3).
Easiest to use library that allows one to host .net core as windows services there is.
A basic PDF document generation library for .Net Core
A pre-instrumented code coverage tool for .net/.net core and Mono
Package Description
Simple library capable of parsing out command line arguments. Very easy to use api and examples provided
This package provides the AMQP Serializer of AMQP.Net Lite on .Net Core (netstandard1.3).
Implementation of Authentication package for Entity Framework Core
A middleware for authentication with badge for asp net core
DNTPersianUtils.Core is a collection of Persian helper extension methods.
Azure.Data.Wrappers Class Library
Package Description
Wilcommerce Core implementation for Entity Framework Core
Wilcommerce Catalog components
Wilcommerce Authentication and Authorization library
Dacs7 (Data Access S7) is a library to communicate with a Siemens S7 and TIA PLC.
Asp.NET Core MVC integration for the Delve library.
Forked from DataAnnotationsValidator by Mike Reust. Allows scanning object graph and validates every object using .NET standatd System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.Validator
This package provides the WebSockets client transport of AMQP.Net Lite on .Net Core (netstandard1.3).
Collection of assembly providers and assembly load helpers. Commonly used types: XploRe.Runtime.Loader.IAssemblyProvider XploRe.Runtime.Loader.AssemblyNameCollectionAssemblyProvider XploRe.Runtime.Loader.FileAssemblyProvider