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Execute Sundew.Build.Setup.exe and enter solution path (relative) -> build scripts will be placed in "SolutionDir"\Build

Included features:
- Msbuild
- Update version (Set version via script parameters, only SolutionItems\SharedAssemblyInfo.cs will be updated)
- VSTest console (Add test adapters via Nuget)
- StyleCop (Uses individual project settings)
- SandCastle (Add "SolutionName".shfbproj in "SolutionDir") *Requires SandCastle Help File Builder

Planned features:
- Release output
- WIX.


- Last update: 12/18/2015
- Version: 1.0.14
- Read more info on
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Run this command from the Package Manager Console:

Install-Package Sundew.Build


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