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libjpeg-turbo is a JPEG image codec that uses SIMD instructions (MMX, SSE2, NEON) to accelerate baseline JPEG compression and decompression on x86, x86-64, and ARM systems.

On such systems, libjpeg-turbo is generally 2-4x as fast as libjpeg, all else being equal. On other types of systems, libjpeg-turbo can still outperform libjpeg by a significant amount, by virtue of its highly-optimized Huffman coding routines.


- Last update: 9/23/2015
- Version: 1.4.2
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Run this command from the Package Manager Console:

Install-Package Libjpeg-Turbo.v140.windesktop.msvcstl.dyn.rt-dyn

Libjpeg-Turbo Native C windesktop dyn rt-dyn msvcstl v140


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