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GART was created to help people quickly and easily build Augmented Reality applications for Windows Phone and Windows 8.

This kit is different from other AR kits in that it enables what we call “Geo AR”.

Where other toolkits place virtual things on top of specially printed tags, this toolkit places information on top of real places in the world around you. It does this by tracking where you are and the direction you’re facing.

Geo AR apps are easy to write because all you need to provide is a collection of objects that have Latitudes and Longitudes. These can come from anywhere, for example a Bing restaurant search, a Flickr photo search or a Wikipedia article search.

The framework then takes care of managing sensors and tracking where the user is in relation to the reference points.


- Last update: 5/16/2016
- Version: 1.2.0
- Project documentation:
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Run this command from the Package Manager Console:

Install-Package GART


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