Provides the functionality to create websites and web applications that require the use of imaging technology using ASP.NET infrastructures.

Visit our website for a live online sample of a document viewer using ASP.NET:

Our ASP.NET imaging SDK supports most common use-case scenarios to create web-based imaging systems and web applications, such as:

* Image and document viewing using web controls of over 100 image, graphic, and document formats such as PDF, common image formats (JPG, GIF, TIF, BMP), JPEG 2000, DICOM, CAD, Office, Camera RAW, and many more.

* Image compression.

* OCR capabilities, including support for over 100 different languages, image pre-processing, zone-based processing, and more.

* Barcode support.

* Advanced image processing and document cleanup capabilities, including hole punch removal, line removal, dotted line removal, noise removal, clean borders, negate, auto-crop, image enhancement, dilation, erosion, despeckle, deskew, rotate, edge detection, segmentation, among many others.

* Printing and Scanning.

* Ability to hook web apps into scanner functions to deliver high-quality scanning directly to cloud storage repositories.
Annotation capabilities, including the ability to add, edit, and burn-in XML-based text and image annotations, stamps, and redactions.

This package also includes JavaScript files to create rich web client solutions:
- ImGearClientArt24.4.js
- ImGearClientViewer24.4.js
- ImGearCore24.4.js
- ImGearIsis24.4.js
- ImGearPlugins24.4.js
- ImGearThumbnailList24.4.js.


Version: 24.4.3
Author(s): Accusoft
Last Update: Wednesday, May 30, 2018
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Install-Package Accusoft.ImageGear.Web
dotnet add package Z.EntityFramework.Plus.EF6
paket add Accusoft.ImageGear.Web
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