Top 20 NuGet XAMARIN Packages

Easily add icon fonts to your Xamarin.Forms applications!
An NControl implementation for rendering an SVG with optional 9-slice insets.
Binding library of v2.5.0
This package contains the 'MvvX.Autofac.Extras' extension for MvvmCross that allow you to use Autofac as IOC.
Geofencing Plugin for iOS, Android, and Windows
This package gives Xamarin support for Swift3. Includes libswiftCoreData.dylib
This package gives Xamarin support for Swift3. Includes libswiftos.dylib
Floating Label Entry control for Xamarin.Forms. See
Allows for messagebox style dialogs to be called from your shared/PCL/MVVM code - Action Sheet (multiple choice menu) - Alert - Confirm - Date - Loading - Login - Progress - Prompt - Toast (Snackbars) - Time On android, be sure to call UserDialogs.Init() before using! Supported Platforms - iOS 7+ ...
AppIntro is an Android Library that helps you make a cool intro for your app, like the ones in Google apps.
Package for MvvmCross that can let you select file on your device (WPF only yet)
This package contains a package that let you search in your application assemblies. This is a plugin for MvvmCross.
This package contains a files events plugin for MvvmCross.
A Bottom Navigation Bar implementation for Xamarin Forms. Fork of with a couple of fixes.
Android-Image-Cropper bindings for Xamarin.Android.
App Service Helpers (ASH) makes it as easy as possible to add data storage and authentication to your mobile app with Microsoft's Azure App Service Platform. ASH was built with the mobile developer in mind, and requires no previous experience with backends as a service (BaaS). In just four lines of...
An auxiliary package that allows you to create observable grouped collections from Realm models.
FeedHenry .Net SDK
Portable Class Library for WebSockets, wrapping platform-specific APIs.
An ImageButton that supports selected states in Xamarin Forms.