Top 20 NuGet XAMARIN Packages

Xamarin iOS Bindings for the Active Directory Authenication Library.
Xamarin Android Bindings for the Azure Active Directory Library.
A helper library of BindingConverters, MarkupExtensions, and other utilities for building XAML applications on platforms that support Xamarin.Forms.
Xamarin Android Things Driver Components
// 版本号码:前3码是对应原生SDK版号,后1码是Nuget上传版号 //(代码于正式版时公开)
// 版本号码:前3码是对应原生SDK版号,后1码是Nuget上传版号 iOS Project Options >> iOS Build >> Addtional mtouch Arguments: --gcc_flags="-stdlib=libstdc++" ///////////////////////////////////////// MAMapView mapView = null; public override void ViewDidLoad() { base.ViewDidLoad(); Thinkpower.BindingIOS.AMap_Map.MA...
F# MVC for Xamarin.Forms
Contains basic behaviors filters for net projects, xamarin especially.
Behavior for Xamarin.Forms.
Extensions for Xamarin.Extensions.
Xamarin UI Base Component
Test Library Solution