Top 20 NuGet XAMARIN Packages

Write your app using System.Net.Http, but drop this library in and it will go drastically faster.
A Bottom Navigation Bar implementation for Xamarin Forms.
Logging Plugin for Xamarin provides a consistent, cross platform logging plugin.
CWAC-Pager library binding for Xamarin Android (
Transport uses .NETStandard WebSocket implementation instead of defaul Mono implementation.
See your Xamarin Forms XAML interface changing instantaneously just on save the file, without wasting time building the project every time. \o/
Plugin for Xamarin forms. Allows you to use calendar view in forms. Plugin uses bindings for following libraries: - alamkanak/Android-Week-View - jumartin/Calendar Supports Android, iOS.
Segmented Control for Xamarin.Forms
Provides MFractor Config for Prism applications
Simple cross platform plugin to access images and videos on Android and iOS
Provides MFractor Config for Prism applications using the QuickStart Templates
This package contains picker control for Xamarin.iOS for MvvmCross.
Package Description
A testing framework for PubNub.Async
Push notification extensions for PubNub.Async
Autofac dependency injection for PubNub.Async.Presence
Presence extensions for PubNub.Async
Adds dependency injection to PubNub.Async via Autofac
Provides a cross platform way to provide customized Alert Dialogs and Page Dialogs using Popup Pages
GoogleMapsUtils library for Xamarin iOS.