Top 20 NuGet XAMARIN Packages

Amplitude API cross-platform bindings library for Xamarin
Xamarin Android binding library for SimpleCropView.
Supported Xamarin platforms: - Android - iOS 1. Install DependencyResolver to PCL project, that contains platform depended interface TService. 2. Install DependencyResolver to Android/iOS projects. 3. Add DependencyAttribute to platform specific implementation of TServi...
Pre compilation msbuild/xbuild task to resize image for android apps.
Xamarin.iOS SDK for Logentries based on iOS Logentries library
DGActivityIndicatorView is a collection of nice loading animations for iOS.
Image share plugin
The Intercom Xamarin SDK, for integrating Intercom into your Xamarin Android or iOS application.
Android Optional ColorPicker Binding Library
Xamarin and Windows plugin to perform text to speech functionality. Adjustable pitch, speak rate, locale, and more.
A port of for .NET PCL written in C#
Xamarin.iOS Android for Logentries based on Android Logentries library
Xamarin Bindings library for SystemBarTint -
Xamarin.Android custom controls with swipe actions.
SCLAlertView port to Xamarin
Cake.ResxConverter allows the use of ResxConverter via Cake script.
Unofficial FolderPath plugins for Xamarin
NB! This package is deprecated, use LiveXAML instead LiveXAML allows for live UI reload in Xamarin Forms applications. This package is a runtime dependency, you also need to install Visual Studio extension.
Xamarin iOS binding library for RKNotificationHub