Top 20 NuGet XAMARIN Packages

Utilities and Interfaces for Xamarin.Android.Observables With CacheFragmentStatePagerAdapter. Supports Android API v10 and above.
DiscreteSeekBar For Xamarin.Android
Xamarin.Android的Material Dialog
Xamarin android binding for BetterVectorDrawable.
Pre-built Autofac module for Saitama framework
Primary support library for Xamarin apps utilizing Saitama for IoC management - Alpha
Primary support module for Saitama on Android
A portable SignalR client with websocket support.
Xnapshot enables you to use C#, together with Xamarin.UITest, to automatically take app screenshots for you. Just derive from the abstract Screenshots class, implement one method per screenshot and use your time productively while your computer takes the screenshots.
Reactive Extensions for Xamarin Android Core Module
Xamarin binding for, used by
C# bindings for
A collection of controls, converters, and validation behaviors for Xamarin.Forms
NGraphics.Plugin.Autodetect is to enable autodection of the platform from a PCL project (i.e enable NGraphics usage directly within a Xamarin Forms PCL project)
Xamarin.Forms live XAML reloading (iOS only)
Fody Weaver for Live.Forms.iOS
This nuget package will help you to implement navigation from viewmodel
Easy way to migrate from Xamarin Insights to HockeyApp by providing exactly same interface as Insights while using HockeyApp SDK.