Top 20 NuGet xamarin-android Packages

Convert your TextView in ExpandableTextView with added options ReadMore/ReadLess.
An image change/sort view for editing profile, image slider, product slider etc on Android
Easy parallax View for Xamarin.Android simulating Apple TV App Icons
Beautiful and customizable Xamarin.Android Activity that shows web pages within an app
Additional features for Android TextView
Simple and lightweight library to create beautiful introduction screens for your Android apps.
PrettyDialog is a customizable equivalent of SCLAlertView in iOS.
A Simple Audio Recorder View for Xamarin.Android with hold to Record Button and Swipe to Cancel like WhatsApp
The core library that handles the communication and authentication layer.
DraggableTreeView is a custom view that mimics a Tree View directory and also implements drag and drop. The tree view can go to the n-th level by default there is no limit.
Simple custom view implementation that allows you to control the input of a numeric code.
Easy splash screen library allows you to generate beautiful and customizable Splash screens with less effort
Easy to use night mode button with cool animation for Xamarin.Android
Lets you create joystick with some customization for Xamarin.Android
Image Cropping Library for Android
Tinder like cards for Xamarin.Android
A Material design back port of Android's CalendarView
Simple TextView library that lets developer easily set custom attributes through xml, programmatically or both
Xamarin.Android Libary that lets you to select multiple images or video
A color picker seekbar for Xamarin.Android